Guitarist Dusty Brough brilliantly combines his roots in Flamenco with Jazz, Folk, Brazilian, Gypsy and Balkan music. As a composer, he integrates these eclectic influences with his unique approach to music and
a “blatant disregard for genre boxes” (Joe Bendel, Epoch Times). Brough’s nylon-string guitar playing is marked by an unparalleled agile technique that supports a buoyant aesthetic. Dusty creates something truly remarkable by seamlessly blending lush harmonies, intricate rhythms and improvisation, with a fluidity, presence, and rhythm that can only be compared to the rolling waves of the ocean.
Dusty has been regarded internationally by touring with original projects such as Jesse Cook and Hans York. His release “Sharon by the Sea” (Adventure Music, 2009) with mandolin virtuoso Eva Scow, was met with great acclaim:

“A captivating blend of genres, part folk, part jazz, part Latin, part gypsy, and wholly individual when you put it all together” (CD Universe).

“Dazzling harmonies, intricately woven sonic textures all recorded with tightly disciplined focus, make this CD instantly likable, inexhaustibly absorbing, even after the 7th spin... ground-breaking” (

Currently based in San Diego, Dusty enjoys a full schedule of performing, recording, touring, and surfing. His performances and recordings consistently delight audiences and musicians alike.

What Everyone Else Is Saying:
“He's got a sumptuous sound and loads of killer chops...”
(Robert Bush, The San Diego Reader)
“...guitarist Dusty Brough, reveals that there are no boundaries for good music.”
(Minor 7th)
“...guitarist Dusty Brough and drummer Julien Cantelm will leave you with your jaw on the floor.”
(The Santa Barbara Independent)
“ intricate fusion of jazz, flamenco, Brazilian, and classical music that brings out the most essential elements of each genre.”